„Jetzt, Baby“ von Julia Engelmann

„Now, Baby“ is the third collection of poetry slam texts by Julia Engelmann. I have already reviewed the first two books on my blog: „One day, baby“ and „We can be everything, baby“ . How I like their latest lyrics, I discuss this review.


[white_box] Since her Slam „One Day“ became a sensational internet success, Julia Engelmann Lyrics are rousing, honest and touching. As in her new book: With her unique sound and her special language, she writes about how we take our happiness, make dreams come true and stay true to ourselves. Let’s celebrate moments of happiness, dancing in colorful confetti rain and live life – now, baby! – Goldman [/ white_box]

W ie in the two previous books, it comes in the lyrics to „Now, baby “ to the  lifestyle of Generation Y . Julia Engelmann always uses them in her texts. Fears of failure, mindfulness, to be at peace with oneself. Then there are the stylistic devices did are typical of her: she uses  lyrics to point out Certain things, and sometimes uses a mixture of German and English.

„God, I should really stop
randomly speaking to myself, but
where else to go,
should I walk through your timeline?

That you post a few photos,
I have recently checked.
Oh god, did I say that out loud?
Only thought – well, so lucky!
Page 18

Conclusion and recommendation

So in „Now, Baby“ is again a colorful mix of topics and moods available. Some lyrics are rather  melancholy and sad . Others, on the other hand, convey a sense of joie de vivre. Unfortunately, I have to say that most of the texts in this collection did not touch me. Some simply did not like me. Just a few lyrics have done to me, so the book has received a 2-star rating from me. Julia Engelmann’s style in particular. I can recommend it to everyone.


title: Now, baby
author: Julia Engelmann
Publishing company: Goldmann
line: Poetry Slam Texts # 3
Number of pages: 128
Publishing year: 2016
ISBN: 978-3442485680
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